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One of Sing to Beat Singing Leaders, Nicki Kennedy, is based in Jersey. Wetwheels Jersey, the Variety Sailing Trust, Aureole Music and Parkinson’s Jersey organised a day out on the water for the Sparky Parkies, the choir for people living with Parkinson’s. Sea Shanties and other music were sung on this floating stage. Run by Nicki Kennedy, of Aureole Music, in collaboration with Parkinson’s Jersey, the choir normally meets on Friday afternoons to sing together and to work with speech and language therapist Sarah Lock to combat the negative effects that the illness can have on speech, voice and swallowing. Dina Rogan, operations director of Wetwheels, said they were thrilled to be involved, having previously welcomed members of the Parkinson’s Society onboard Wetwheels and worked with the Aureole Choir when they raised funds with a sea shanty recording. ‘This is a great collaboration and one I am very much looking forward to. Bringing together the benefits of both being on the sea and singing is sure to make for a delightful experience,’ she said. Congratulations Nicki!