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Welcome to Sing to Beat

Sing to Beat (STB), is a network of singing groups for people with health conditions including Parkinson’s and Long Covid. It was launched in January 2018 by Canterbury Cantata Trust. STB was founded by our Honorary President, Professor Grenville Hancox, MBE, who continues to bring many years of experience in both practice and research in the field of music and health; and by Sing to Beat Parkinson's President, Roger Clayton, a former colleague of Grenville’s.

STB has a growing number of groups across the UK and internationally. Since our launch, we have developed a successful training programme for existing and potential leaders working with people living with Parkinson’s (Sing to Beat Parkinson’s - STBP) in association with Britten Pears Arts at Aldeburgh, Morley College in London, the University of Derby, and most recently The Grand in Folkestone. This training model has been successfully adapted for online delivery.

Sing to Beat has also begun working with people experiencing symptoms of Long Covid. (Sing to Beat Long Covid)

STB has adopted a ‘caring through singing’ ethos, and models a high energy approach to facilitation with its team of skilled practitioners.